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re-energize Rio Vida

In October 1996, Major Ian Thomas and Francisco Platillero signed a long-term agreement to make Rio Vida an official part of the Torchbearers Centers international ministry. The building went through a major renovation to launch the first Rio Vida Bible School in 2001 and it has served thousands of people since then. After so many years, the building has endured some wonderful wear and tear through hosting thousands of people whose lives have been blessed by God through Rio Vida. To ensure the ministry goes on another 25 years, it is time to do another significant update to the physical property. 

We are seeking to raise funds to add en-suite bathrooms in every bedroom, purchase new furniture, paint, new commercial-grade appliances, and many repairs to the infrastructure. To participate with us, even if just a few dollars, please click the contribute button below.

history and future plans



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